タイタンクエスト: Eternal Embers

Titan Quest: Eternal Embers

  • 主機平台:PC 單機
  • 遊戲類型:角色扮演
  • 首發地區:全球
  • 首發日期:2021-12-04
  • 台灣發售:2021-12-04
  • 遊戲售價:NT 468
  • 遊戲人數:多人
  • 作品分級:ESRB T



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Summoned by the legendary Emperor Yao, the Hero is called back into the East to deal with a demonic threat that has been ravaging the land after the Telkine was slain. Upon tracking it down, the Hero and his comrades realize that the appearance of the ancient peril, Qiong Qi, was no mere coincidence and that something much more sinister is afoot...

Eternal Embers Quest

  • A whole new epic quest line spanning 4 acts, accompanied by 15 additional side quests, playable exclusively in Legendary difficulty
  • The player wanders through the fantastic vistas of the orient climbing to the heavens themselves and traversing the mazes of the realm of the Dragon King. From such ethereal heights to the scorching sands and temple ruins of mighty Egypt the player goes but where the path ends only destiny knows.

New 11th mastery

  • Become a master of Neidan, a mystical alchemist who uses deadly concoctions and abilities to annihilate his enemies
  • By using the legendary powers of the ancient Neidan masters, ultimate wielders of Chi, the player unlocks hidden potential of the self to the detriment of every enemy that stands in the way of the player’s destiny. The elemental powers and blessings of demigods and the will of ancient emperors stands at the player’s fingertips.

30+ new enemies and bosses

  • From the exotic beasts of the Far Eastern legends to the proud and vain deities looking to test your worthiness in battle

New weapons and gear

  • Find new and powerful gear, from masterfully crafted Oriental armors to weapons that could strike down the gods themselves
  • New relics and charms to make your gear even more powerful

Additional gameplay mechanics

  • 7 new types of potions, to boost various stats and give you an edge in combat; all of them sharing a cooldown, independent from health/mana potions and scrolls

Technical improvements

  • Improved rendering and performance
  • Improved region loading near dungeons
  • Gamepad support

TQ tools improvements

  • The ability to scale objects directly in Editor, improved object selection, replacement and rotation tools in, fixed issues with the palette
  • Ability to toggle collision and shadow rendering directly in Editor
  • Improved sound and music system, new type of sound objects with dynamic range of sound distance, ability to preview of sound/music files in Editor
  • Improved stability of the Art Manager, improvements of the UI, new and improved shortcuts
  • Lots of small improvements


【心得】《泰坦之旅》天地鳴動 諸神的黃昏 - 雷吼者

本篇遊戲環境為 Steam 2.9v DLC 諸神黃昏 DLC 亞特蘭提斯 雷吼者 說到泰坦之旅最具代表的職業你會想到什麼?如果以版本來區分...繼續閱讀

【心得】《泰坦之旅》卜掛臟器知天意 - 羅馬占卜師 (主敏穿刺流)

❖手機版閱讀排版若亂掉,請點這裡。 羅馬占卜師 曾經,在不朽王座時代靠著狩獵與夢幻專精的遠閃大量加成,搭配有近遠閃...繼續閱讀

【心得】《泰坦之旅》例無虛發 絕不落空 - 巫師 (元素飛刀流)

本篇遊戲環境為 Steam 2.9v DLC 諸神黃昏 DLC 亞特蘭提斯 巫師 拖稿忙了好一段時間前來補文了,這隻元素飛刀巫師玩的斷斷續續,...繼續閱讀

【心得】《泰坦之旅》風暴與生命的洗禮 - 神使 (活力冰冷三重流)

❖手機版閱讀排版若亂掉,請點這裡。 神使 是一個法系入門的強力職業之一,本篇玩的是活力冰冷三重流;也就是以活力+冰冷...繼續閱讀


還是有很多人認為 "連線要選開始自定義任務" 這是錯的...以下做個圖文介紹 希望大家別搞錯了~ 1. 開始主線一開始請先點選"...繼續閱讀


今早本想回味一下當初剛玩泰坦時用的勇者(戰鬥+自然),覺得職業名稱蠻帥的,1.1 版征服者(戰鬥+防禦)到了1.52版變成征服大帝,那"...繼續閱讀




在泰坦中文網看到的,剛測試了一下,讚歐:三個內容都是掉神器密碼一、6788裡爾‧魯德:可愛妹妹神器 密碼二、123可召喚男性皮膚商&...繼續閱讀




1~5 星各自代表 1~5 分,將分數加總後除以總評價人數即為總平均分數。

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