Gunborg: Dark Matters

Gunborg: Dark Matters

  • 主機平台:PC 單機
  • 遊戲類型:動作
  • 首發地區:全球
  • 首發日期:2022-03-04
  • 台灣發售:2022-03-04
  • 遊戲售價:NT 226
  • 遊戲人數:1人
  • 作品分級:不明



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Gunborg: Dark Matters 是一款街機風格的平台動作遊戲,具有流暢的遊戲玩法和流暢的 80 年代合成波之配樂。遊戲發生在一艘充滿各種陷阱、危險、外星人和機器人的巨型宇宙飛船上。






  • 基於技能的遊戲玩法:使用您的技能建立戰鬥連環鎖鏈,並儘可能多地積累積分。
  • 三種難度設置:各種難度設置可供選擇,允許訪問所有技能級別,從對於那些尋求體驗的人來說很容易,對於那些尋求終極挑戰的人來說很困難。
  • 完整的遊戲手柄支持:使用您喜歡的控件進行遊戲,可以使用鍵盤和鼠標或您選擇的控制器來玩 Gunborg。
  • 使用多種武器:裝備並使用敵人的許多不同且獨特的武器。
  • 使用強大的盾牌來轉移敵人的攻擊:使用你的盾牌將敵人的攻擊轉向回擊他們,或者作為一種在原本無法透過的尖刺跑道上衝鋒時的遊戲手段。
  • 注入黑暗能量:最大化你的戰鬥連環鎖鏈,注入黑暗能量,使武器更強大,並以新的方式射擊。
  • 超級快速和令人上癮的重生週期:不要被死亡拖慢遊玩樂趣。Gunborgs 超快的重生週期讓您通過公平且位置良好的檢查點直接回到行動中。


Gunborg: Dark Matters is an arcade-style action platformer with smooth gameplay and a slick 80s synthwave soundtrack. The game takes place aboard a giant spaceship filled with a variety of traps, hazards, aliens and robots.

Do you have what it takes to face constant threats while staying on your feet in the heat of combat? Can you keep your cool when chaos is descending upon you?

Move with the keyboard and aim with the mouse, or play Gunborg: Dark Matters as a twin-stick shooter using your gamepad.

Armed with a fierce energy blade, a powerful shield and a jetpack, you will have to traverse the many traps and hazards scattered throughout the ship and destroy any foe that stands in your way. Run, jump, and wall slide your way through a variety of levels, each with their own challenges.

Level the playing field by using the weapons of your fallen enemies while deflecting and blocking enemy attacks with your shield.

Create a combat chain by killing enemies in quick succession and become infused with dark energy that causes weapons to become more powerful and shoot differently. Collect the many info-bots scattered throughout the ship to unlock additional content, including levels and a hardcore difficulty setting.

  • Skill-based Gameplay: Use your skills to build a combat chain and accumulate as many points as possible.
  • Three Difficulty Settings: Various difficulty settings to choose from allowing accessibility to all skill levels from easy for those looking for an experience to hard for those seeking the ultimate challenge.
  • Full Gamepad Support: Play with your preferred controls, Gunborg can be played either with a keyboard and mouse or controller of your choice.
  • Wield a Variety of Weapons: Equip and use the many different and unique weapons of your enemies.
  • Use a Powerful Shield to Deflect Enemy Attacks: Use your shield to deflect enemy attacks back at them or as a means of surfing an otherwise impassable runway of spikes.
  • Become Infused with Dark Energy: Maximize your combat chain to become infused with dark energy making weapons more powerful and shoot in new ways.
  • Super-Fast and Addictive Respawn Cycle: Don’t be slowed down by death. Gunborgs super-fast respawn cycle puts you straight back into the action with fair and well-placed checkpoints.


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1~5 星各自代表 1~5 分,將分數加總後除以總評價人數即為總平均分數。