Dark Fall 3:Lost Souls

Dark Fall:Lost Soul

  • 主機平台:PC單機遊戲
  • 遊戲類型:冒險
  • 發售日期:2009-11-12
  • 遊戲售價:US 24.99
  • 遊戲人數:1人
  • 作品分級:ESRB M



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Amy Haven went missing 5 Years ago. On the anniversary of her disappearance you, the Police Inspector who failed to find Amy, have returned to the Train Station and Hotel at Dowerton for one last time. As you attempt to solve the mystery of Amy's disappearance you must face the horrors that await you. The old buildings have deteriorated since your first investigation, so you must watch your step, and never turn your back on the darkness....for something hides there; Something evil, unknowable and hungry.
  • A brand new, stand-alone Dark Fall horror adventure.
  • From the pen of Jonathan Boakes, author of The Lost Crown.
  • Explore a derelict train station & hotel, abandoned since World War 2.
  • A new game engine allows full exploration and movement.
  • Physically interact with the eerie setting, to really ‘feel’ the place.
  • Use light as your weapon and ally, to fight the darkness.
  • A hauntingly creepy stereo score, to chill, alarm and horrify.
  • Explore the memories of the dead, in their own ‘Regrets’.
  • Discover the true identity, and power behind, the Dark Fall itself.
  • Solve a modern urban mystery, 'What Happened To Amy Haven


4 GP【心得】dark fall

艾米哈文失蹤了5年前。 在她的失蹤週年紀念您,沒有找到艾米的派出所所長,回到了火車站和旅館在最後一次的Dowerton。 當您試圖解開艾米的失蹤的奧秘...繼續閱讀




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