Grey Goo - Emergence Campaign

Grey Goo - Emergence Campaign

  • 主機平台:PC單機遊戲
  • 遊戲類型:策略模擬
  • 發售日期:2015-06-11
  • 遊戲售價:US 7.99
  • 遊戲人數:多人
  • 作品分級:輔12級



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This 3 mission, Grey Goo mini-campaign follows the events of Singleton immediately following the explosion at the Terminal, and reveals the true motivations behind the overwhelming Goo force.

An ally turned enemy, Singleton’s journey remains a mystery to his former companions. But what happened to cause his corruption and turn? And what drives the Goo itself? Delve into the Goo's origins and learn its true intention and plan for the galaxy.

- Experience three unique campaign missions, which explore the fate of Singleton after the Terminal.
- Play as Singleton, our first hero-tier unit (campaign mission only).
- Enjoy six new, amazing cinematics by award winning Axis Animation Studio.

*FREE download for anyone who already owns Grey Goo. Offer ends June 11th at 11:00AM CDT.



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